InfoVis 2001 Accepted Paper List

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Full Papers

Pixel Bar Charts: A New Technique for Visualizing Large Multi-Attribute Data Sets without Aggregation
Daniel Keim, Ming Hao, Julian Ladisch, Meichun Hsu, and Umeshwar Dayal

Visualization of State Transition Graphs
Frank van Ham, Huub van de Wetering, and Jarke van Wijk

Ordered Treemap Layouts
Ben Shneiderman and Martin Wattenberg

A Comparison of 2-D Visualization of Hierarchies
Todd Barlow and Padraic Neville

Semantic Depth of Field
Robert Kosara, Silvia Miksch, and Helwig Hauser

Collapsible Cylindrical Trees: A Fast Hierarchical Navigation Technique
Raimund Dachselt and Juergen Ebert

2D vs 3D, Implications on Spatial Memory
Monica Tavanti and Mats Lind

Botanical Visualization of Huge Hierarchies
Ernst Kleiberg, Huub van de Wetering, and Jarke van Wijk

Animated Exploration of Graphs with Radial Layout
Ka-Ping Yee, Danyel Fisher, Rachna Dhamija, and Marti Hearst

Cluster Stability and the Use of Noise in Interpretation of Clustering
George Davidson, Brian Wylie, and Kevin Boyack

Interactive Visualization of Multiple Query Results
Susan Havre, Beth Hetzler, Ken Perrine, Elizabeth Jurrus, and Nancy Miller

Visualizing Time-Series on Spirals
Marc Weber, Marc Alexa, and Wolfgang Mueller

Change Blindness in Information Visualization
Lucy Nowell, Beth Hetzler, and Ted Tanasse

An Empirical Comparison of Three Commercial Information Visualization Systems
Alfred Kobsa

Effective Graph Visualization Via Node Grouping
Janet Six and Ioannis Tollis

Case Studies

Case Study: Visualization for Decision Tree Analysis in Data Mining
Todd Barlow and Padraic Neville

Case Study: E-Commerce Clickstream Visualization
Jeffrey Brainerd and Barry Becker

Case Study: Design and Assessment of an Enhanced Geographic Information System for Exploration of Multivariate Health Statistics
Robert Edsall, Alan MacEachren, Linda Pickle

Case Study: Graphic Data Display for Cardiovascular System
James Agutter, Noah Syroid, Frank Drews, Dwayne Westenskow, Julio Bermudez, and David Strayer

Technical Notes

Technical Note: Visually Encoding Program Test Information to Find Faults in Software
James Eagan, Mary Jean Harrold, James Jones, and John Stasko

Technical Note: Getting Along: Composition of Visualization Paradigms
Alan Keahey

Technical Note: Graph Sketches
James Abello, Irene Finocchi, and Jeffrey Korn

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