InfoVis 2001 Accepted Interactive Poster List

Visualizing Hierarchies Using a Modified Focus+Context Technique
Ricardo A. Cava (UCPel-CEFET), Carla Freitas (UFRGS)

Utilization of Wireless Technology in Immersive Visualization to Facilitate International NGO Disaster Relief
Eric G. Frost, Mark L. Bellows, Teddy P. Bunyapanasarn, Kelly M. Hazen, John P. O'Hara, Christopher S. Reel, Gia Truong, Dawn M. Wise (Dept. of Geol. Sci., SDSU)

Interactive Visualization of Prices and Earnings around the Globe
Luc Girardin, Dominique Brodbeck (Macrofocus GmbH)

Visualization for Energy Efficient Building Design
Daniel Glaser, M. Susan Ubbelohde (UC Berkeley)

Visualizing the Patent Document Collection as a Graph of Inventors and their Inventions
Douglas Gordin, Robert Farrell (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

AS Graph: a Macroscopic Visualization of the Internet
Bradley Huffaker, Margaret Murray, Young Hyun, kc claffy, David Moore (CAIDA)

A Component-based Framework for Uniform Resource Visualization
Kukjin Lee (Michigan State University)

Visualizing Time related events for Intrusion Detection
Kovalan Muniandy (ORINCON Corporation)

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