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Poster Compendium now available in PDF.

Visualization for Periodic Population Movement between Distinct Localities -- Alexander Haubold (Columbia University)

Interactive Poster: Enlightenment: An Integrated Visualization and Analysis Tool for Drug Discovery -- Christopher Mueller (Array Biopharma)

VistaClara: An Interactive Visualization for Microarray Data Exploration -- Robert Kincaid (Agilent Technologies)

Linking Scientific and Information Visualization with Interactive 3D Scatterplots -- Robert Kosara (VRVis Research Center), Helwig Hauser (VRVis Research Center), Gerald Sahling (VRVis Research Center)

Interactive Poster: Interactive Symbolic Visualization of Semi-automatic Theorem Proving -- Vinay Siddavanahalli (University of Texas at Austin), Chandrajit Bajaj (University of Texas at Austin), Shashank Khandelwal (University of Texas at Austin), J Moore (University of Texas at Austin)

Evaluation of Spike Train Analysis using Visualization -- Martin Walter (University of Plymouth), Roman Borisyuk (University of Plymouth), Liz Stuart (University of Plymouth)

PolyPlane: An Implementation of a New Layout Algorithm For Trees In Three Dimensions -- Seok-Hee Hong (University of Sydney), Tom Murtagh (University of Sydney)

Interactive Poster: Visualizations in the ReMail Prototype -- Steven Rohall (IBM Research)

PaintingClass: Interactive Construction, Visualization and Exploration of Decision Trees -- Soon Tee Teoh (Computer Science, UC Davis), Kwan-Liu Ma (UC Davis)

Interactive Poster: Trend Analysis in Large Timeseries of High-Throughput Screening Data Using a Distortion-Oriented Lens with Semantic Zooming -- Dominique Brodbeck (Macrofocus), Luc Girardin (Macrofocus)

Interactive Poster: The InfoVis Toolkit -- Jean-Daniel Fekete (INRIA)

Interactive Poster: Overlaying Graph Links on Treemaps -- Jean-Daniel Fekete (INRIA), Niem Dang (University of Maryland), Catherine Plaisant (University of Maryland), David Wang (University of Maryland)

Interactive Poster: Visualising Large Hierarchically Structured Document Repositories with InfoSky -- Keith Andrews (Graz University of Technology), Michael Granitzer (Know-Center Graz), Wolfgang Kienreich (Know-Center Graz), Vedran Sabol (Know-Center Graz)

Displaying English Grammatical Structures -- Pourang Irani (University of Manitoba), Yong Shi (University of Manitoba)

An XML Toolkit for an Information Visualization Software Repository -- Jason Baumgartner (Indiana University), Katy Borner (Indiana University), Nathan Deckard (Indiana University), Nihar Sheth (Indiana University)

Interactive Poster: Tree3D - A System for Temporal and -- Eric Wernert (UITS - Indiana University), Berry Donald (UITS - Indiana University), John N. Huffman (Indiana University - UITS), Craig Stewart (Indiana University - UITS)

FROTH -- a Force-directed Representation Of Tree Hierarchies -- Lisong Sun (University of New Mexico), Thomas Caudell (University of New Mexico), Steve Smith (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Interacting with Transit-Stub Network Visualizations -- James Eagan (Georgia Institute of Technology), John Stasko (GA Tech), Ellen Zegura (GA Tech)

Axes-Based Visualizations for Time Series Data -- James Abello (DIMACS/Rutgers University), Heidrun Schumann (University of Rostock, Germany), Christian Tominski (University of Rostock, Germany)

Interactive Poster: Semantic Navigation in Complex Graphs -- John Gersh (Johns Hopkins APL), Amy Karlson (Johns Hopkins APL), Christine Piatko (Johns Hopkins APL)

Interactive Poster: Business Impact Visualization -- Ming Hao (Hewlett Packard), Fabio Casati (Hewlett Packard), Umeshwar Dayal (Hewlett Packard), Daniel Keim (University), Joern Schneidewind (Hewlett Packard)

Interactive Poster: MVisualizer: A Visual Tool for Analysis of Medical Data -- Nils Erichson (Chalmers University of Technology), Göran Zachrisson (Chalmers University of Technology)

Interactive Poster: 3D ThemeRiver -- Klaus Mueller (Stony Brook University), Dan Imre (PNL), Peter Imrich (Stony Brook University), Alla Zelenyuk (PNL), Wei Zhu (Stony Brook University)

Interactive Poster: A Hardware-Accelerated Rubbersheet Focus + Context Technique for Radial Dendrograms -- Klaus Mueller (Stony Brook University), Dan Imre (PNL), Peter Imrich (Stony Brook University), Alla Zelenyuk (PNL), Wei Zhu (Stony Brook University)