InfoVisFun 2004

The InfoVisFun submission category is organized in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the InfoVis symposium. Submissions to this category can be anything, including

  • pictures
  • posters
  • videos
  • artwork
  • short papers
  • animations
  • interactive presentations
as long as they have something to do with InfoVis and its 10 year history. A submission should briefly describe its relationship to InfoVis.

Potential submissions may be, for example,

  • visualizations of InfoVis bibliographic data
  • serious or entertaining InfoVis artwork
  • compositions of InfoVis visualizations
  • parodies of InfoVis visualizations or the people involved with visualization
The evaluation process will assess the fun and/or art value of the submissions and will decide how the submissions are used during the InfoVis conference. The submitted material may be used, for example, in the opening or closing session, the evening program, a 10 year InfoVis exhibition, etc.

This category is completely separate from the usual peer-reviewed tracks of papers, posters, and contest.

Submission Deadline: September 24, 2004

Submissions should be made available on a web site. Send the URL by email to
George Robertson,
Daniel Keim,

Surface mail is also acceptable, send to
Daniel Keim
University of Konstanz
Box D 78
78457 Konstanz, Germany
phone +49 7531 88 3064
fax +49 7531 88 3062