Special Sessions


Special Session 1: Visual Analytics, hosted by by Jim Thomas and Kris Cook

Sunday, 7-9pm Ballroom E/F

The purpose of this session is to discuss directions for the emerging field of visual analytics. Participants in this session will discuss the needs which visual analytics can meet, the major research challenges, and related research efforts that provide a foundation for further work.


Special Session 2: ARDA Advanced Research in Interactive Visualization for Analysis (ARIVA) Program. Presentation & Discussion, hosted by by Lucy Nowell and Nahum Gershon

Monday, 6-7pm Ballroom E/F

The Advanced Research and Development Activity (ARDA) of the Intelligence Community has established a new program called Advanced Research in Interactive Visualization for Analysis (ARIVA). ARIVA is builds on prior visualization efforts in theGI2Vis and NIMD ARDA programs. Tentative goals for ARIVA include developing visual interaction environments that support multi-user, multi-perspective analysis across distributed platforms and agencies. The environments should facilitate analytic situational awareness, including recognition of multiple viewpoints within a single visual environment. During this session, ARIVA program manager Dr. Lucy Nowell will describe the goals and mission of the ARIVA program and will discuss with the audience how they may be involved with it.


Special Session 3: Visual & Other Literacies 101 for Techies, hosted by Nahum Gershon

Tuesday 7-9:30pm Ballroom E/F

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