InfoVis 2000 Research Topics List

  1. Visualization of very large data sets. [IV2K]

  2. Visualization of high-dimensional data sets. [IV2K]

  3. Integration of visualization and non-visualization techniques, i.e. the combination of visual and automated data exploration. [IV2K]

  4. Reusable visualizations: implementations of visualization techniques should be shared and easily integrated. [IV2K]

  5. Collaborative and/or distributed visualizations, for use by distant work groups. [IV2K]

  6. Integration of visualization technologies with design, perception, and the arts. [Nahum Gershon,]
This list of topics deemed to be important for information visualization research was originally collected at InfoVis 2000. Please submit additional topics if the inspiration strikes you. Additional topics contributed after the conference via email are explicitly credited to the contributor.
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