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Advance Registration Ends: 10 September 2004, 5pm EST

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Registration for InfoVis 2004 is through our parent conference IEEE Visualization 2004. The fee structure has changed this year, there are now two standard rates: a one week rate, and a one day rate.

The one week rate will allow attendees access to all venues during the week. In addition to the full InfoVis symposium, attendees can also attend the IEEE Visualization conference, tutorials and workshops. The attendees will receive the DVD, symposia proceedings, conference proceedings and reception tickets. The one week rate is less than the three single-day registrations required to attend the full symposium.

The one day rate will allow attendee access to all venues for only the specified day in which access is purchased. The attendee will receive the DVD, but must purchase printed materials ($25 for the InfoVis proceedings) and reception tickets ($40 for the Monday evening reception). The attendee may register for multiple days.

  Non-member IEE/ACM member Student/Life Member Student Non-Member
Early Full Week $715 $550 $290 $360
Late/Onsite Full Week $895 $690 $360 $450
Early One Day $260 $200 $105 $130
Late/Onsite One Day $325 $250 $130 $165

One presenter for each accepted paper is eligible for the IEEE member rate, pick the "speaker" category. Only accepted student volunteers may register for the student volunteer rate.