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Subject: Visual Information Expert Workshop - Call for papers

Visual Information Expert Workshop
Paris, France - Apr. 24-25, 2006
www.view2006.org <http://www.view2006.org>

                                Call for papers

Nowadays our societies are overloaded by a huge amount of data, and much of
it remains underexploited. It is a challenge of our century to propose the
best methods to access all the knowledge embedded inside these data.  One
approach is the use of information visualization methods. Various 1D, 2D and
3D methods exist. A specific 2D approach is the choice of the pixellisation
paradigm. The approach adopted by this conference is to state as a postulate
that this method is rich and is worth exploring as far as possible.

This conference is aiming at creating a space of exchange among all
scientists working with the "Pixelisation paradigm". This paradigm
assimilates an informational entity to a pixel in such a way that the
entities considered as a whole can be converted into an image.

Firstly, this paradigm was applied to geographical data, the "pixel" being a
subregion of a region. More recently the paradigm was applied to data
visualisation, assimilating a data to a pixel inside a qualitative map. The
power of the method lies in its simplicity and in its ability to extract
hidden information.

Both the theoretical and the applied aspects of the paradigm will be
addressed during this conference. All sciences are included in the topics,
from the most fundamental such as mathematics, to the most applied, e.g.

Important dates:
*  Sept. 15, 2005 Paper abstracts submissions
*  Oct. 1, 2005 Notifications
*  Dec. 1, 2005 Papers submissions
*  Jan. 15, 2006 Notifications
*  Feb. 15, 2006 Camera ready copies

The papers of the conference will be published in a book edited by an
International Editor.

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