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Riccardo Mazza riccardo.mazza at lu.unisi.ch
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2nd Visual Information Expert Workshop  VIEW2007
 Hungary December 3-4, 2007


Technical sponsor: IEEE EMBS
Conference language: English

The first Visual Information Expert Workshop explored the basis of a
pixelization paradigm. Pixelization methods associate an informational
entity with 
a single pixel so that a set of information entities can be translated to an
 Pixelization has proven to be an effective yet underutilized visualization
method and thus needs further investigation to exploit its potential.
 During the first workshop, the following fields of inquiry were opened:
*  Pixelization theory, including mathematics of pixelization, pixelization
per se and pixelization related to multidimensional data.
*  Pixelization applications, including spatial pixelization, temporal
pixelization and qualitative pixelization.
*  Pixelization and Neurocognition.

A 2nd workshop will be held to address these and other issues in
visualization. Specifically, this years VIEW will be open to all 2D
visualization methods.

 Non-exhaustively, example topics include:
* Mathematics, Discrete Geometry and Statistics
* Information sciences: computer sciences, Data mining, Web sciences,
* Physics 
* Medicine and Biology
* Economics, Management
* Psychology, Neuro-Cognitive sciences, Sociology
* Engineering 
* Geography, Demography

Important Dates: 
* Paper abstracts: June 5, 2007.
* Papers: June 15, 2007.
* Notifications: July 25, 2007.
* Camera ready copy: September 5, 2007.

The papers of the conference will be published in a book edited by Springer

Conference Chairs: 
Laszlo Darago, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary
Pierre Levy, Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Paris, INSERM, UPMC, France

Conference Co-chairs:
Francois Poulet, ESIEA, Laval, France
Riccardo Mazza, University of Lugano, Switzerland

Invited Speaker:
Alfred Inselberg,  San Diego Supercomputing Center, USA,  Tel Aviv
University, Israel. 

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