[Infovis] Overview of the IEEE InfoVis Symposia

John Stasko stasko at cc.gatech.edu
Tue Jan 9 21:38:44 CET 2007

We have set up the web page
as a summary/overview of all the IEEE InfoVis Symposia to date.

On that page you can find links to the conference mission, submission
policies, and links to each year's conference, the papers in the IEEE
Digital Library, the Conference Compendia, etc., etc.  (We're also
trying to fill in some of the missing back information too.)

We hope that you will bookmark this page and use it as a central repository
for information about the meetings.

The '07 conf site is not up yet, but the meeting will be at the end of
October in Sacramento, CA.  The paper deadline will again be March 31.
--John Stasko

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