[Infovis] CFP: Workshop on Massive Datasets - Nagoya

Yuri Ivanov yivanov at media.mit.edu
Sat Jul 14 15:47:35 CEST 2007


Workshop on Massive Datasets

at the

International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces

November 15, 2007
Nagoya, Japan

Are the tools we use to understand our data scalable to the tens of 
millions of records, huge spans of time, minute details of behavior, and 
large geographic extent that future sensor networks will generate?   In 
the future buildings will be studded with sensors.  Every movement will 
generate a few bits of data.   Every fluctuation in temperature will be 
recorded.  Every deviation in lighting will be noticed.  These large and 
complex datasets will challenge the tools we use today.

Looking into the future of residential and office building Mitsubishi 
Electric Research Labs (MERL) has been collecting motion sensor data 
from a network of over 200 sensors for a year.  The data is the residual 
traces of year in the life of a research laboratory. It contains 
interesting spatio-temporal structure ranging all the way from the 
seconds of individuals walking down hallways,  the minutes in lobbies 
chatting with colleagues,  the hours of dozens of people attending talks 
and meetings, the days and weeks that drive the patterns of life, to the 
months and seasons with their ebb and flow of visiting employees.

The dataset contains well over 30 million raw motion records, spanning a 
calendar year and two floors of our  research laboratory.   As such it 
presents a significant challenge for behavior analysis, search, 
manipulation and visualization of the data.   We have also prepared 
accompanying analytics such as partial tracks and behavior detections, 
as well as map data and anonymous calendar data marking the pattern of 
meetings, vacations and holidays.

MERL is now releasing this data set to the community.  We invite you to 
download the data and apply your analytic, visualization, and interface 
tools.  We hope that you will find new facets of the data and then 
submit papers to this workshop to compare notes with your colleagues.  
The goal of the workshop is to understand the state of the art in the 
context of the huge, detailed dataset of the near future.  We solicit 
papers which utilize the dataset to demonstrate new insights on the data 
using any of the following techniques, or any other related technique:

* Interactive visualization
* Interactive search techniques
* Pattern discovery
* Interactive data mining
* On-line learning
* Scalable techniques for data analysis and visualization
* Event detection and classification
* Data summarization

Papers should be 8 pages inclusive.  Please use the official ACM format:

Important Dates:

Data Release: June 30, 2007
Paper Submission: August 31, 2007
Notification: September 14, 2007
Camera Ready: September 30, 2007


Christopher R. Wren
Yuri A. Ivanov
(Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories)

Program Committee (confirmed):

  Kiyoharu Aizawa (University of Tokyo)
  Aaron Bobick (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  Trevor Darrell (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  Irfan Essa (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  Minkyong Kim (IBM Research)
  Vladimir Pavlovic (Rutgers University)
  Thad Starner (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  Kazuhiko Sumi (Mitsubishi Electric)
  Andrew Wilson (Microsoft Research)

[We apologize if you see multiple copies of this CFP.]

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