[Infovis] The InfoVis 2007 Contest

Jean-Daniel Fekete Jean-Daniel.Fekete at inria.fr
Fri Mar 9 23:29:05 CET 2007

"A gripping tale that will have you glued to your seat!" - The New York 
"An unforgettable experience" - Miami Morning Herald
"A frightening vision of the future" - LA Times

Showdown in Sacramento - The InfoVis 2007 Contest

In a world where eternal darkness has fallen on the minds of humans, 
where databases suck the lifeblood out of the enslaved masses, these 
brave young men and women are the last ones who dare to fight back ...


Contest Description at http://www.apl.jhu.edu/Misc/Visualization/


Data at http://eagereyes.org/InfoVisContest2007Data.html


Deadline July 13, 2007

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