[Infovis] Workshop on Parallel Coordinates

Barbara Scheuner barbara.scheuner at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Aug 27 14:02:02 CEST 2009


Visual Multidimensional Geometry and its Applications





9. September 2009, 13h-17h, CAB G11, ETH Zurich, Switzerland



With parallel coordinates (p-cs) the perceptual barrier imposed by our
3-dimensional habitation is breached enabling the visualization of
multidimensional problems. In this workshop a panorama of highlights from
the foundations to the most recent results, interlaced with applications and
interactive demonstrations, will be intuitively developed. By learning to
untangle patterns from p-cs displays a powerful knowledge discovery process
has evolved. It is illustrated on real datasets together with guidelines for
exploration and good query design. 



Prof. Alfred Inselberg, School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv
University, Israel 

Prof. Hans Hinterberger, Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich 

Barbara Scheuner, PhD Student, ETH Zurich


Homepage:        http://www.ite.ethz.ch/ParallelCoordinates

Registration:      please send an e-mail to barbara.scheuner at inf.ethz.ch

Fee:                       the workshop sponsored by D-INFK is free of
charge, registration, however, is necessary. The number of participants is

Participants will have the possibility to buy the new book of Alfred
Inselberg (http://www.springer.com/math/cse/book/978-0-387-21507-5)


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