[Infovis] PhD position available -- Visualizing evolving multimedia databases

Guy Melançon - INRIA Guy.Melancon at inria.fr
Fri Mar 27 12:55:49 CET 2009

Please forward to all possible interested person


The INRIA GRAVITÉ project in collaboration with LaBRI (CNRS) is offering
a PhD position focusing on the visualization of evolving multimedia 

This PhD project is developed in collaboration with INA (the Franch 
National Audio/visual Media Institute, see http://www.ina.fr). The data 
we face within the INA context can be handled from different 
perspectives and implicitly share numerous relations that must be 
explored suggesting to address it as a graph visualization problem. The 
goal is to provide the user with a readable and coherent visual 
representation of the data, equipped with relevant interactions, which 
becomes a real challenge when dealing with data dynamically evolving 
with time.

The INA data presents numerous facets, thus allowing the definition of 
several visualization options and scenarios we need to specify according 
to potential usage and objects characteristics.

For more information and to apply, either email Guy.Melancon at inria.fr
or go to GRAVITÉ's website http://gravite.labri.fr.

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