[Infovis] Visual Analytics Education Workshop

John Stasko stasko at cc.gatech.edu
Mon Jul 19 22:04:21 CEST 2010

*  Call for Participation - Visual Analytics Education Workshop

On Monday August 30, in conjunction with the Visual Analytics
Community Consortium meeting (http://nvac.pnl.gov/meeting_2010/), we
are holding a one-day workshop on visual analytics education at the
University of Maryland in College Park, MD. This workshop is intended
to bring together those currently teaching courses closely related to
visual analytics and those who are interested in doing so. The
workshop is free.

The goals of this workshop are to share lessons learned and best
practices in teaching visual analytics, and to develop an example
curriculum that will be vetted with the broader academic community.

The workshop will feature interactive presentations by several people
who have developed or taught visual analytics related courses.  It
also will include breakouts and group discussions on particular topics
related to visual analytics education.  We anticipate that topics such
as course content and topics, assignments, teaching style,
multi-course curricula, and many others will be discussed.

This workshop is being organized by a group including Richard
Fujimoto, Guy Lebanon, Haesun Park, and John Stasko from Georgia Tech;
David Ebert, Marti Burns, and Tim Collins from Purdue; Georges
Grinstein from U. Massachusetts-Lowell; and Richard May and Kris Cook
from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  It is a joint effort of

What you'll get from participating: a chance to talk to your
colleagues about your experiences, learn from their experiences, and
work together to develop and refine ideas for visual analytics
education, courses, and curricula.

Important Dates
* Friday August 13, 2010 - Registration deadline

While the workshop is free, we do require that participants register
by the deadline for our planning purposes.  To register, please send
an email to nvac.consortium at pnl.gov with the names, email addresses,
and affiliations of attendees.

For More Information
More information about the workshop can be found at the website:
For hotel and travel information, please see the VAC Consortium
Meeting website: http://nvac.pnl.gov/meeting_2010/.

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