[Infovis] ESANN'11 special session on "Kernel methods for Structured Data": Call for papers

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Sun Nov 14 15:39:20 CET 2010

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ESANN 2011 Special Session:
"Seeing is believing: The importance of visualization in real-world
machine learning applications"

  European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks,
  Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning
  27-29 April 2011, Bruges, Belgium

IEEE CIS Task Forces on Data Visualization and Data Analysis, and on
Medical Data Analysis;
INNS SIG on Biopattern.

Data visualization is crucial in many real-world problems dealing with
knowledge extraction. Adequate and intuitive data visualization
techniques may provide much insight about the information underlying a
given data set.

Visualization processes are usually unproblematic when data sets consist
of only a reduced number of attributes, but the scenario may become much
more difficult when dealing with high-dimensional data. These are
becoming increasingly common in real-world applications. Straightforward
visualization can also be non-trivial for structured data such as large
trees, graphs or time series.

Lately, much research in the machine learning and computational
intelligence fields has been devoted to the development of
high-dimensional and structured data visualization techniques. Dynamic
and/or interactive visualization methods are also becoming more readily

This session aims to respond to the need for such techniques in
real-world application areas for which visualization is paramount. A
particular emphasis will be put on medical applications, but the
submission of results from other fields is encouraged, especially if
research addresses the challenges outlined above, concerning data
dimensionality or complexity issues.

The theme should appeal both to scientists interested in the development
of novel data visualization methods and to those mainly interested in
the application of such techniques to specific real problems.

Session organizers:

Dr. Alfredo Vellido (Technical University of Catalonia, Spain),
Dr. José D. Martín (University of Valencia, Spain),
Prof. Paulo J. G. Lisboa (Liverpool John Moores University, U.K.)
Prof. Fabrice Rossi (Télécom ParisTech, France).

Important dates:
deadline for submission: November, 24th

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