[Infovis] PhD Position in Information Visualization, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kerren andreas.kerren at lnu.se
Fri Feb 18 14:38:22 CET 2011

Linnaeus University (LNU) seeks

     PhD student in Computer Science with specialization in Information 

placed at the School of Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics (DFM)

Job status:  full time
Location:  Växjö, Sweden
Subject Area:  Computer Science with specialization in Information 
Deadline:  March 15, 2011


1 Graduate studies in the field of Computer Science, in particular 
Information Visualization, with a doctoral degree as the goal.
2 Research in the field of Computer Science with a particular focus on 
the field of Information Visualization.
3 No more than 20% of working time will be dedicated to teaching, 
tutoring and examination in Computer Science.

**Bases of assessment**

Qualification requirements:
General entry requirements comprise a completed undergraduate program of 
at least 240 credits, including 60 credits at advanced level, or the 
equivalent knowledge in some other way in or out of Sweden. The specific 
entry requirements are at least a Master's degree in Computer Science or 
any equivalent education.

Other bases of assessment:
Good knowledge in the focused research area "Information Visualization" 
is a strong advantage. However, everybody who is strongly interested in 
Information Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction is encouraged 
to apply. Demonstrated working experience within the focused research 
and educational areas is a great advantage, e.g. within the following 

1 Network Visualization and/or Graph Drawing
2 Collaborative visual analysis of large data sets
3 Experiences in specific application domains and their visualization, 
for instance in social and biochemical networks
4 Multimodal interaction in the context of visualization

Good command in English is required.

**Weighing qualifications**

Basis of assessment for admission to graduate studies is the degree of 
ability to benefit from the graduate program. Since the subject is 
male-dominated, we encourage female applicants.

**Further information**

Professor Andreas Kerren, phone number: +46 470 767502, email: 
andreas.kerren at lnu.se, or the University website Lnu.se. Union 
representatives can be accessed through the University switchboard: +46 
772 288000. To be a PhD student means four years of education at 
research level ending with a PhD degree. The position is a salaried 
employment with the right to social benefits and paid vacations.

The Application must be marked with ref no: PA 2011/74. It can be 
submitted to registrator at lnu.se or via mail to Registrator, Linnaeus 
University, 351 95 Växjö, Sweden, no later than 2011-03-15. The 
application must include a cover letter and resume.


ISOVIS Research Group (http://cs.lnu.se/isovis/)
LNU (http://lnu.se/?l=en)
Advertisement as PDF (http://cs.lnu.se/isovis/news/PA-2011-74.pdf)


+ Prof. Dr. Andreas Kerren
+ Linnaeus University
+ School of Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics
+ Vejdes Plats 7, Room B3019
+ SE-351 95 Växjö, Sweden
+ Phone: +46 470 767502
+ Fax: +46 470 84004
+ Email: andreas.kerren at lnu.se
+ WWW: http://homepage.lnu.se/staff/akemsi/
+ WWW: http://cs.lnu.se/isovis/

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