[Infovis] VizSec Post-Docs: Army Research Laboratory

Robert Erbacher robert.erbacher at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 13:05:04 CEST 2011

We are looking for Post-Docs to join the Army Research Laboratory
(Adelphi, MD) in the
area of Cyber-Security. This is a unique opportunity to work with actual
analysts on real data. Post-Docs can be funded through either NRC or ORAU.
We can also work with Scholarship for Service students.

The main limitation is that we can only take US citizens.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions (Robert.Erbacher at

The main focus of the research is described below; though we are looking to
expand our capabilities:

The goal of this research is to examine the issues underlying cyber
security, devising novel theoretical constructs on which future cyber
security advances will be based. Research focuses on developing theories,
models, and understanding that will lead to more effective intrusion
detection techniques (e.g., how data can be effectively visualized for
decision makers and how existing information can be acquired and fused with
the effect of engendering greater understanding of events.

Some specific areas of research being considered include but are not limited
to: (1) exploring models for the representation of cyber security (e.g.,
game theory); (2) exploring ensemble techniques for improved detection with
consideration of Byzantine General type attacks; (3) considering forensics
and anti-forensics in the context of cyber security, both as a
representational model as well as an analysis paradigm; (4) considering
behavior as a fundamental indicator in detection and analysis; (5) acquiring
improved network understanding with the goal of improving detection; and (6)
developing novel detectors based on improved understanding to achieve low FP
and FN.

This is an opportunity to have a significant impact on future cyber security
research, work with actual analysts in the network analysis domain, validate
theories with ARL scientists, and test techniques on real-world data.

Cyber security; Intrusion detection; Visualization; Cyber security theory;
Cyber security models; Cyber security foundations; Network understanding;
Ensemble techniques; Evidence fusion;

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