[Infovis] CFP: IEEE VisWeek 2011 Discovery Exhibition

Jinwook Seo jseo at snu.ac.kr
Tue Jun 14 13:58:30 CEST 2011

CFP: IEEE VisWeek 2011 Discovery Exhibition
Providence, RI, USA      /      October 23-28,  2011

Submissions due: July 15th, 2011
Submission information: <http://www.hicss.hawaii.edu/hicss_45/apahome45.htm>

The Discovery Exhibition is a conference venue in which we share stories
about the impact that visualization research has had on the end-user
In order to help us distribute more broadly how visualization impacts
people's work or lives, leads to decisions being made, or actions being
taken. VisWeek has been hosting the Discovery Exhibition since 2009. In
contrast to a common academic contribution at a conference, however, the
goal of an entry to the Discovery Exhibition is not to describe a
visualization or vis tool per se, but to share which impact it had on the
people using it.

Sharing these stories with the community will help us all improve our
understanding about the role of visualization in work, research,
entertainment, and many other areas, after it has moved out of the research
realm. To encourage publishing reports about the application of
visualization systems to real world problems, we specifically allow
submissions that report the impact of “previously published work” on its
user community.

Accepted authors will benefit from the following opportunities to present
their work:

   - A 2~4 page summary will be published and permanently archived on our
   website: www.discoveryexhibition.org.
   - Their work will be displayed as a poster throughout the conference.
   - A short oral presentation of their work at a plenary fast-forward

The content of a discovery submission is not about a visualization tool
itself. Instead it has to focus on the impact that the use of the tool or
the visualization has had on a specific user group. Successful submissions
have to focus on the insights, discoveries, or general stories of
visualization use in any domain or data. The description should show a real
user community. For example, an entry could talk about insights made by a
group of environmental scientists trying to find a cause of global warming
using a specific visualization tool, and about the discovery process (i.e.,
how they made the discovery). The entry should provide information on the
impact that insights (or findings) have had. It is OK to use existing tools.
Indeed, we strongly encourage students to even study the impact of tools
built by others such as ManyEyes, Tableau, or Excel! If necessary, the
datasets can be anonymized, but no synthetic data is allowed. Submissions
could, for example, include information on:

   - What discoveries have users made? What have they learned about their
   data that they did not know before? What insights have they gained?
   - What impact did the findings, insights, or discoveries have on their
   - What surprising uses of visualization tools were seen? Were tools
   re-appropriated to answer very different questions than they were designed
   - What was necessary to integrate a system or tool into everyday work
   practices? What were the obstacles to introducing new visualization
   technologies (if any)?

Submission deadline: July 15th, 2011
Notification date: August 19th, 2011
Final Submission of Revised Summaries: September 2, 2011
Submission of Fast Forward Materials and Poster: September 30, 2011

Please submit your entry to the following address:
discovery_exhibition at visweek.org
If you plan to submit videos, please upload them to a web server and send us
a link to download the file. For more information, please refer to

IEEE VisWeek Discovery Exhibition Co-Chairs
Florian Mansmann and Jinwook Seo
discovery_exhibition at visweek.org

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