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Call for Papers

IEEE Network Magazine

Special Issue on Computer Network Visualization, Nov./Dec. 2012 issue


Computer networks are dynamic, growing, and continually evolving. As
complexity grows, it becomes harder to effectively communicate to
human decision-makers the results of methods and metrics for
monitoring networks, classifying traffic, and identifying malicious or
abnormal events. Network administrators and security analysts require
tools that help them understand, reason about, and make decisions
about the information their analytic systems produce. To this end,
information visualization and visual analytics hold great promise for
making the information accessible, usable, and actionable by taking
advantage of the human perceptual abilities. Information visualization
techniques help network administrators and security analysts to
quickly recognize patterns and anomalies; visually integrate
heterogeneous data sources; and provide context for critical events.


This special issue seeks original articles examining the state of the
art, open issues, research results, evaluations of visualization and
visual analytic tools, and future research directions in computer
network visualization and visual analytics. All submissions should be
written to be understandable and appealing to a general audience.
Research papers should contain a substantial amount of tutorial
content and minimal mathematics. Topics of interest include, but are
not limited to:

 * Uses of visualization for network status monitoring and situational
 * Visualization methods employed in the classification of network
traffic and its analysis
 * Visualization methods enhancing network intrusion detection and
anomaly detection
 * Visualization methods for the analysis of network threats (e.g. botnets)
 * Visualization methods for the analysis of network routing
 * Methods for integrating analytics and visualization together for
network analysis tasks
 * Methods for visually integrating heterogeneous data sources to
support network analysis tasks
 * Case studies of open source visualization tools in network analysis tasks
 * Evaluations of network visualization tools in situ

Manuscript Submission

Articles should be written in a style comprehensible and appealing to
readers outside the speciality of the article. Authors must follow the
IEEE Network Magazine guidelines regarding the manuscript and its
format. For details, please refer to the "Guidelines for manuscripts"
at the IEEE Network Magazine web site at
http://dl.comsoc.org/livepubs/ni/info/authors.html. Submitted papers
must be original work and must not be under consideration for
publication in other venues. Authors should submit their manuscripts
in PDF through ScholarOne for IEEE Network Magazine. Choose this
special issue from the drop down menu on the submission page. Authors
uncertain about the relevance of their paper to this special issue
should inquire with the guest editors before submission.

Submissions: April 1, 2012
Author notifications: July 1, 2012
Final papers: September 1, 2012
Publication: November 2012

Guest Editors

John Goodall
Oak Ridge National Lab
jgoodall at ornl.gov

John Gerth
Stanford University
gerth at graphics.stanford.edu

Florian Mansmann
University of Konstanz
Florian.Mansmann at uni-konstanz.de

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