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Call for Papers


Monday 30th June and July 1st, 2014
Chemnitz, Germany
Chemnitz University of Technology

Organizers: Research Training Group Crossworlds, Department of Computer
Science and Institute for Media Research

We invite researchers from various disciplines to submit short papers to
CrossWorlds 2014, the 1st international conference on theory, development,
and evaluation of social technology. Social technologies include both
technologies that directly interact with users (e.g. social robots, virtual
agents, assistance systems) and technologies that facilitate the
interaction between two or more users (e.g. computer mediated
communication, multiplayer games, multitouch tables).

Digital technologies have become an inherent part of our society, thus
evolving into social actors themselves. This development changed the focus
of research from questioning the general potential of technologies to more
specific issues. Research from different disciplines addresses topics from
modeling social aspects of technology to the design of human-computer
interfaces. Following these focused approaches, it becomes even more
important to understand the emerging connections between users, contexts
and social technologies.

The conference addresses this issue and provides a platform for vital
discussions about different aspects of social technology. To enable a broad
debate on the subject, approaches from various disciplines, methods and
perspectives are encouraged. Presentations may feature algorithms,
technology, implemented systems, empirical research, and theoretical

Conference topics include (but are not limited to):
• What makes social technology social and intelligent and which procedures
can be employed?
• How can we model social behavior theoretically and practically?
• Do we need new methods? How can we assess social interaction in the
context of technology usage and development?
• Which methodological approaches are appropriate for evaluation? Can
social technology evaluate itself?
• How can we account for ethical issues as well as non-affirmative and
critical approaches in HCI?
• How can social technology be employed to catalyse interaction between
users in non-virtual space?
• How can the design of social technology be carried out
• How do developers’ tacit knowledge and concepts of sociality affect the
design of social technologies?
• How do different degrees of virtuality shape social interaction?
• How can social technology motivate user interaction and interaction
between users (e.g. gamification, proxemics, mobile interaction)?
• How can virtual and augmented reality be designed to create (virtual)
• How can social technology account for user needs? In which ways can
systems act proactively?
• How can we shape user experience of social technologies? How important is
it for social technology to be entertaining?
• How can computer based learning be facilitated by social technologies?


We invite you to submit short papers (PDF, between 10.000-25.000 characters
including spaces, figure captions, but excluding references) to the program
committee (crossworlds2014 at tu-chemnitz.de) no later than 31.01.2014. The
submissions will be subject to peer reviews. Please make sure, that you
remove any author information including author names and references as well
as acknowledgments and funding information. However, you should send your
author and contact information on a separate cover page for the program

Papers should make absolutely clear what the current status of the proposed
work is. A preference is given to finished work ready for presentation
(note: this also includes theoretical/conceptual papers, if the concept
itself is the main subject of presentation). By submitting a paper the
authors agree to personally present their research at the conference.

Conference Papers will not be published/indexed, but are electronically
distributed to the conference attendees. However, selected papers will be
invited to extend their papers to full papers to be published in an edited
collection of the conference proceedings.

Please use the IEEE template for your submission. Further information on
the paper layout can be found here:


Submission:            31.01.14
Notification of acceptance:        31.03.14
Camera-Ready-Deadline:        13.04.14
Conference:                30.06./01.07.14


Andreas Bischof (andreas.bischof at phil.tu-chemnitz.de)
Benny Liebold (benny.liebold at phil.tu-chemnitz.de)


Michael Teichmann (michael.teichmann at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Michael Heidt (michael.heidt at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de)

For more detailed information, please visit www.crossworlds.info/conference

We look forward to meeting you in Chemnitz! <http://www.paul-rosenthal.de>

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