[Infovis] 3rd IEEE Workshop on Interactive Visual Text Analytics @ IEEE VIS 2013

Steed, Chad A. steedca at ornl.gov
Mon Jul 22 15:23:46 CEST 2013

The 3rd IEEE Workshop on Interactive Visual Text Analytics:
Integrated Analysis of Heterogeneous Data and Ubiquitous Text Analytics
Atlanta, GA USA
October 2013


Much research has been reported on visual text analytics for plain text
documents viewed in traditional analytic settings.  In this workshop, we
would like to push the boundary of visual text analytics toward
heterogeneous textual data (text associated with other data types) and
ubiquitous text analytics. First, we would like to use the workshop to
collect various use cases about heterogeneous data and ubiquitous text
analytics. From the use cases, we hope to better understand the
requirements of heterogeneous textual data analysis from a task-driven
perspective.  Although there is some work on visual analysis of
heterogeneous textual data, there is not a clear understanding of the
typical tasks that people would like to achieve in analyzing heterogeneous
textual data. Moreover, how will different tasks influence the design and
development of both text analytics and visualization technologies? We thus
would like to leverage the workshop to examine a number of use cases and
draft a taxonomy that characterizes the design dimensions of the space and
guide the future design and development. Second, based on the use cases,
we would like to use this workshop to examine how to best leverage
state-of-the-art text analytics and traditional data mining techniques in
conjunction with novel interactive visual analytics to address the
challenges manifested by the collected use cases.

We invite 2-4 page position paper submissions that address topics related
to interactive visual analysis of heterogeneous data or visual analysis of
text data on mobile devices or in ubiquitous scenarios, with a requirement
that every submission must clearly state one or more concrete use cases,
including the tasks to be achieved, the two or more types of data to be
analyzed, and data analytic methods used.  Topics of interest include but
are not limited to:

* Task taxonomy of analysis of heterogeneous textual data or ubiquitous
text analytics
* Visual metaphors for heterogeneous textual data or ubiquitous text
* Coordinated visualizations of textual and non-textual data
* Perception and cognition in heterogeneous data visualization or
ubiquitous text analytics
* Mobile visual text analytics and mobile visual interaction
* Systems, languages, and architectures for heterogeneous textual data
* Collaborative analysis of heterogeneous textual data
* Real-time visualization of streaming heterogeneous textual data
* Opinion summarization from heterogeneous textual data
* Visual event identification and prediction from heterogeneous textual
* Uncertainty in interactive heterogeneous textual data analysis or
ubiquitous text analytics
* Industry-specific applications of visual analysis of heterogeneous
textual data (e.g. Retail, Healthcare, Government, etc.)
* Studies and evaluation of heterogeneous textual data visualization
techniques, systems, metrics, and bench-marks
* Datasets and tasks for visual text analysis of heterogeneous textual data

August 31st: Position paper due
September 14th: Notification
October 1st: Final version of papers due
October 14th: Visual text analytics workshop

Please submit your position papers by email to: textvis at us.ibm.com

Christopher Collins (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
Eser Kandogan (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Shixia Liu (Microsoft Research Asia)
Michelle X. Zhou (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Chad Steed (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

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