[Infovis] IEEE VIS CFP: Workshop on Visualization Literacy

Sung-Hee Kim kim731 at purdue.edu
Tue Jul 22 16:27:50 CEST 2014

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Call for Participation - VisLit 2014 @ IEEE VIS 2014

Visualization Literacy Workshop
VisLit 2014, Nov. 9 or 10, Paris, France
co-located with IEEE VIS 2014


We invite you to contribute to VisLit 2014, the international workshop on visualization literacy. In spite of substantial advance in various visualization techniques, our understanding on how well these advanced visualizations are comprehended by users, or what we call “visualization literacy,” is quite limited. As a sequel to the visualization literacy workshop in EuroVis (https://www.kth.se/profile/178785/page/eurovis-2014-workshop-towards-visualiza/), this workshop will investigate the visualization literacy problem. Unlike other workshops that promote discussion around position papers, this workshop will be based on actual participation of creating visualization literacy measures. The organizers will prepare a web-based platform, and participants can actually create questions to test visualization literacy, solve others’ questions, and discuss around questions. We believe that such hands-on experiences will greatly promote the quality of discussion as well as come closer to having a tangible visualization literacy measuring tool. We will also recruiting world-leading panelists in this topic, so that participants are properly informed before actively participating in the workshop.

Please sign up for the Google Group if you are interested, so that we can inform you when the platform is available.

Join our group here

The platform will be available on the following URL.


Important Dates

October 15, 2014: Open platform on visualizationliteracy.org
November 9 or 10, 2014: VisLit workshop (full day)

Sung-Hee Kim, Purdue University, IN, USA
Jeremy Boy, INRIA, France
Sukwon Lee, Purdue University, IN, USA
Niklas Elmqvist, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA
Ji Soo Yi, Purdue University, IN, USA

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