[Infovis] IEEE VIS 2014 CFP: Compass Activities

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CFP: Compass Activities

IEEE VIS 2014 is proud to offer our attendees activities to socialize and
meet fellow VIS researchers through the Compass
<http://ieeevis.org/year/2014/info/volunteer/vis-digital-compass> program.
One of our goals in organizing the Compass activities at the main IEEE VIS
conference is to support the next generation of visualization researchers
by helping connect beginning and advanced researchers from the
scientific visualization, information visualization and visual analytics

The Compass activities are open to all registered IEEE VIS participants,
regardless of age and affiliation. The activities are organized by the IEEE
VIS Compass Chairs, who can be reached at compass at ieeevis.org.

To register for these events, please visit the corresponding wiki pages
listed below to see the event details. You can directly edit the wiki
providing you are registered on the wiki. If you have an account from prior
years, you are welcome to use the login information, or create a new
account for yourself. Also, there will be a physical poster at the
conference venue to remind everyone of what they signed up for, and also to
allow anyone to sign up in person for any open slots.

Blind Lunch <http://vacommunity.org/VisWeek+Compass+2014>
Tuesday, Nov. 11 (during the lunch time slot)

This is an informal, planned lunch where more senior members in the
visualization community have volunteered one of their lunch slots during
the week to meet and socialize with junior researchers. You can sign up for
these on the wiki, and a physical poster will be available at the
conference to remind everyone about your lunch groups. Also, you will have
to opportunity to sign up for any open slots.

Meet the Candidate <http://vacommunity.org/VisWeek+'14+Meet+the+Candidate>
Tuesday, Nov. 11, 5:00pm – 7:00pm in the posters area

This is a poster session where graduating students and postdocs going on
the job market present their work. Please sign up for a poster slot with
your name and affiliation. Send this information to the compass chairs who
will add you to the list and ensure you have a poster space. Please
remember to bring your poster, CV, and other material you may want to hand
to potential employers. Also, feel free to place a slide at the end of any
talk you give during the week inviting audience members to come chat with
you at this event.

For more information contact IEEE VIS 2014 Compass Chairs:
Alex Endert, Georgia Tech
Daniel Best, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Mohammad Ghoniem, Centre de Recherche Public - Gabriel Lippmann

Email: compass at ieeevis.org

-- Liz
G. Elisabeta Marai
Associate Professor (adj)
Electronic Visualization Lab
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago

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