[Infovis] CFP (3rd Call): IEEE TMM Special Issue on Visualization and Visual Analytics for Multimedia

Nan Cao nan.cao at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 02:59:08 CEST 2016

*IEEE TMM Special Issue on Visualization and Visual
Analytics for Multimedia*

*Submission Info: *
Deadline:18:00 EST,  May 1st, 2016
Link: *http://www.signalprocessingsociety.org/tmm/tmm-special-issues/

Chang Wen Chen, The State University of New York at Buffalo

*Guest Editors:*
Nan Cao, NYU Tandon School of Engineering & NYU ShangHai
Yingcai Wu, Zhejiang University
David Gotz, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Daniel A. Keim, University of Konstanz
Yap-Peng Tan, Nanyang Technological University

*Contact Method*: nan.cao (at) nyu.edu

*IEEE Transactions on Multimedia:*
<http://www.signalprocessingsociety.org/tmm/>  *


We call for novel and high-quality papers on the topic of visualization and
visual analytics of multimedia data for a special issue of IEEE
Transactions on Multimedia (IEEE TMM). This special issue focuses on
presenting the state-of-the-art visualization and visual analysis
techniques that are developed for solving important problems in the
multimedia domain. Visual analytics is an emerging research direction that
focuses on data exploration and analysis with a seamless integration of
interaction, visualization, and analysis (such as data mining and machine
learning). By showing data and analysis results in context, a visualization
can display rich evidences that support or against the analysis results,
thus helping with data interpretation and results validation. The analysts
can annotate on (e.g. label on) or adjust the results via interactive user
interfaces and visualizations to supervise the underlying analysis
procedure based on, for example, advanced active learning algorithms,
producing more and more precise analysis and correct results gradually. The
combination enables human-centric computational intelligence by effectively
integrating human knowledge and expertise with powerful computational
algorithms through the high-bandwidth visual processing channel and user

Recent progress on visualization and visual analytics creates new
opportunities for understanding and making sense of large-scale, dynamic,
heterogeneous multimedia data through “analytical reasoning facilitated by
interactive visual interfaces”. Existing studies of visual analytics have
already produced some insightful results and findings, which demonstrates
the success and effectiveness of visual analyticsfor dealing with the
complex multimedia data.

This special issue will introduce the readership to the latest innovations
in visual analytics for multimedia and provide a spotlight on an emerging
and promising area of research within the larger multimedia community.


The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

   - Visual analytics of multimedia datasets, such as
   - Texts  and audio  data / Speech and music data
      - Images and videos
      - Spatio-temporal data
      - Social media data / Mooc data / Social and web multimedia data
      - Sensor data / Healthcare Data

   - Visual and interaction assisted multimedia analysis techniques for
   - Multimedia search and retrieval
      - Multimedia indexing (e.g., hashing)
      - Object detection, tracking, categorization, and clustering
      - Surveillance and semantic analysis
      - Outlier detection in multimedia

   - Visualization based multimedia environment, such as
   - Multimedia interfaces and interactions
      - Visual environments and workspaces
      - Multimodal signal representation and visualization

   - Human-centric multimedia, such as
   - Multimodal human-human and human-computer Dialog
      - Multimodal human-machine interfaces and interaction
      - Multimedia using haptic and physiological information
      - Multimodal perception, integration, and multisensory Fusion
      - Multi-screen user experience
      - Subjective and objective quality assessment, and user experience

*Important Dates*

   - Submission Deadline: 05/01/2016
   - First Round Review Notification: 7/01/2016
   - Revision Due: 8/01/2016
   - Final Acceptance Notification: 9/01/2016
   - Camera Ready (after minor revision) Due: 9/15/2016
   - Publication: November 2016

*Submission guideline:*
Prospective authors should submit original manuscripts that have not
appeared, nor are under consideration, in any other journals. Prospective
authors are required to strictly follow the Author’s Guide formanuscript
submission to the IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM) at
<http://www.signalprocessingsociety.org/tmm/>*, and manuscripts should be
submitted electronically through the online IEEE manuscript submission
portal at *http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/tmm-ieee

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