[Infovis] Workshop on Immersive Analytics @ IEEE VIS 2017

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Wed Apr 12 08:09:42 CEST 2017

Call for Papers: Workshop on Immersive Analytics: Exploring Future Interaction and Visualization Technologies for Data Analytics (#Immersive2017)

We are inviting short paper submissions (2-4 pages, TVCG style) and/or posters for our workshop on immersive analytics, held jointly with the IEEE VIS conference, October 1st, in Phoenix (http://ieeevis.org <http://ieeevis.org/>).  Accepted papers will made available in the IEEE Digital Library.


Deadline: 21st July 2017

Due to the recent advances in immersive technologies (VR, AR, large displays, tangible surfaces, etc.), we see new opportunities to using these technologies to analyse and explore data. Visual analytics is concerned with analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. This definition is agnostic of the actual interface devices employed by visual analysis systems. Nevertheless, the affordances of the display and input devices used for analyzing data strongly affect the experience of the users of such systems, and so, their degree of engagement and productivity. However, a systematic approach to developing visual analytic tools that move beyond the desktop is yet lacking.

In this call, we are looking for innovative research, design, and view-points, mature or work-in-progress, that fall into or are related to the following topics: Real-world VR/AR/MR, Collaboration, Hybrid 2D/3D,Affordances for Immersion, Changing Technologies, Application Areas, Platforms and Toolkits. We call this new research thrust ``Immersive Analytics", a topic that will explore the applicability and development of emerging user-interface technologies for creating more engaging experiences and seamless workflows for data analysis applications. More info here.

Representative subtopics: 

Hybrid 2D/3D
Changing Technologies and Scenarios
Affordances for Immersion
Physical and Tangible Visualization 
Interaction Techniques for visualization
Real-World VA and Applications

Workshop Organizers: 
Benjamin Bach, University of Edinburgh, UK (main contact)
Maxime Cordeil, Monash University, VIC
Tim Dwyer, Monash University, VIC
Bongshin Lee, Microsoft Research
Bahador Saket, Georgia Tech
Alex Endert, Georgia Tech
Christopher Collins, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Sheelagh Carpendale, University of Calgary

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