[Infovis] *New*: EuroVis Best PhD Dissertation Award, *New*: EuroVis Young Researcher Award

Jean-Daniel Fekete Jean-Daniel.Fekete at inria.fr
Fri Mar 9 17:48:48 CET 2018

Dear colleagues,

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The *EuroVis Best PhD Dissertation Award* recognizes outstanding
dissertations in academic research and development over topics relevant
to visualization. The intent of this award is to recognize excellent
young researchers in their early career and to highlight visualization
research. Eligibility: all English language dissertations that have been
successfully defended between Jan 1, 2015 and Dec 31, 2017 are eligible
for the 2018 competition. Submission: the student’s advisor should email
the nomination package to Jean-Daniel Fekete
(Jean-Daniel.Fekete at inria.fr); it should contain: 1) a nomination letter
written by the student’s advisor including the name, email address of
the candidate, a one-page summary of the significance of the
dissertations, and 2) a copy of the dissertation. 3) Optional additional
letters of recommendation can also be attached. Deadline for nominations
is *March, 9th 2018*.

The *EuroVis Young Researcher Award* is given each year to one young
researcher in the field who has already made a significant contribution
to visualization in general and more specifically to the European
visualization community (e.g., through outstanding scientific
contributions to the EuroVis conference (https://www.eurovis2018.org/)).
The intent of this award is to recognize people early on in their career
who have already made a notable contribution and are likely to make
more. Nominations: Members of the visualization research community may
nominate individuals for the EuroVis Young Researcher Award by
contacting the awards chair, Eduard Gröller (groeller at cg.tuwien.ac.at).
Candidates to the EuroVis Young Researcher Award 2018 must have finished
their PhD in 2013 or later. Deadline for nominations is *March, 9th 2018*.

Jean-Daniel Fekete (EuroVis PhD Dissertation Award Chair)
Eduard Gröller (EuroVis Young Researcher Award Chair)
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