[Infovis] 15th IEEE Symposium on Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec) Call for Papers

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Mon May 21 15:49:55 CEST 2018

15th IEEE Symposium on Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec) Call for Papers

*** http://vizsec.org/vizsec2018/#cfp ***

VizSec brings together researchers and practitioners in information 
visualization and security to address the specific needs of the cyber 
security community through new and insightful visualization techniques. 
VizSec 2018 will be held in Berlin, Germany in conjunction with IEEE VIS on 
Monday October 22nd. 

VizSec solicits both full and short papers, both of which will be published 
in the proceedings that will be published by IEEE. VizSec also solicits 
posters. Authors of accepted papers and posters must guarantee that their 
papers and posters will be presented at the conference. 

Technical Papers

Full papers describing novel contributions in security visualization are 
solicited. Papers may present techniques, applications, theory, analysis, 
experiments, or evaluations. We encourage the submission of papers on 
technologies and methods that improve cyber security practices, including, 
but not limited to:

  - Situation awareness and/or understanding
  - Incident handling including triage, exploration, correlation, and 
  - Computer forensics
  - Recording and reporting results of investigations
  - Assisting proactive security configuration and deployment
  - Reverse engineering and malware analysis
  - Vulnerability management
  - Multiple data source analysis
  - Analyzing information requirements for computer network defense
  - Evaluation and/or user testing of VizSec systems
  - Criteria for assessing the effectiveness of cyber security 
    visualizations (whether from a security goal perspective or a 
    human factors perspective)
  - Modeling system and network behavior
  - Modeling attacker and defender behavior
  - Studying risk and impact of cyber attacks
  - Predicting future attacks or targets
  - Security metrics and education
  - Software security
  - Mobile application security
  - Social networking privacy and security

When applicable, visualization and interaction techniques that effectively 
capture the insights of human analysts and/or allow analysts to collaborate 
efficiently are particularly desirable.

Submissions including tests and evaluations of existing tools and techniques 
are also considered particularly desirable. If possible, making the data 
used for the tests available will also be considered positively. If you do 
not have real-world data to demonstrate your visualization, you may be 
interested in looking at the VizSec Data Sets page: http://vizsec.org/data/

Short Papers

Short papers describing practical applications of security visualization are 
solicited. We encourage the submission of papers discussing the introduction 
of cyber security visualizations into operational context, including, but 
not limited to:

  - Cases where visualization made positive contributions towards meeting 
    operational needs
  - Gaps or negative outcomes from visualization deployments
  - Situations where visualization was not utilized, but could have had a 
    positive impact
  - Lessons learned from operational engagements
  - Insights gained from the transition process

Cyber security practitioners from industry, as well as the research 
community, are encouraged to submit case studies.


Poster submissions may showcase late-breaking results, work in progress, 
preliminary results, or visual representations relevant to the VizSec 
community. The poster program will be a great opportunity for the authors to 
interact with the attendees and solicit feedback. Accepted poster abstracts 
will be made available on the VizSec website : http://vizsec.org/vizsec2018/

Important Dates

Papers and Short Papers: 
  - Jul 18: Submission Deadline
  - Aug 10: Author Notification
  - Sep 14: Camera Ready Deadline
  - Aug 29: Abstract Deadline
  - Sep 9: Author Notification


Details about how to submit can be found on VizSec website: 

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