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Oct 21-26 2018, Berlin, Germany

IEEE VIS 2018 is the premier forum for advances in visualization. The
event-packed week brings together researchers and practitioners from
academia, government, and industry to explore their shared interests in
tools, techniques, and technology. We invite you to participate in IEEE
Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), IEEE Information
Visualization (InfoVis), and IEEE Scientific Visualization (SciVis) by
sharing your research, insights, experience, and enthusiasm.


VIS 2018 Paper and Poster Videos


We have augmented links to video previews both for papers and for posters:




VIS 2018 Test-of-Time Awards


We are happy to announce this year’s VIS 2018 test-of-time awards winners:


2008: Spatio-temporal Aggregation for Visual Analysis of Movements Authors:
Gennady Andrienko and Natalia Andrienko;

Proc. IEEE VAST 2008, pages 51-58, 2008.


1998: An Operator Interaction Framework For Visualization SystemsAuthors:
Chi, E.H.; Riedl, J.


2008: Effectiveness of Animation in Trend Visualization Authors: George G.
Robertson; Roland Fernandez; Danyel Fisher; Bongshin Lee; John T. Stasko;


1993: Texture splats for 3D scalar and vector field visualization Authors:
Roger Crawfis; Nelson L. Max; https://doi.org/10.1109/VISUAL.1993.398877

2003: Acceleration techniques for GPU-based volume rendering Authors: Jens
H. Krüger; Rüdiger Westermann; https://doi.org/10.1109/VISUAL.2003.1250384


Programs and Keynotes for Associated Events


LDAV 2018 - 8th IEEE Symposium on Large Data Analysis and Visualization

Date: Sunday, October 21, 2018

Website: http://ldav.org

Program: http://ldav.org/program.html

BELIV Workshop 2018 - Evaluation and Beyond - Methodological Approaches for

Date: Sunday, October 21, 2018

Website: http://beliv.org

Program: http://beliv.org/schedule.html

Keynote: Jon Tennant - “Reproducibility: Or, how I learned to stop worrying
and love Open Science.”

VDS 2018 - Visualization in Data Science

Date: Monday, October 22, 2018

Website: http://www.visualdatascience.org/2018/

Program: http://www.visualdatascience.org/2018/program/

Keynote 1: Daniela Oelke – “Explainable Artificial Intelligence in an
Industrial Setting”

Keynote 2: Pat Hanrahan – “Automating Analysis?”

Keynote 3: Kirk Goldsberry – “Analytics Illustrated - How Visualization Is
Changing Sports Forever”


Date: Monday, October 22, 2018

Website: http://visinpractice.org

Program: http://www.visinpractice.rwth-aachen.de/program.html

Invited Talk 1: Michael Behrisch - “Commercial Visual Analytics Systems“

Invited Talk 2: Jürgen Bernard - “Transparent Machine Learning with Visual
Analytics: How Interactive Visualization can Support Practitioners in the
Machine Learning Process”

Invited Talk 3: Alyssa Goodman - “glue-ing Together the Universe“

Invited Talk 4: Shan He - “Visualizing large-scale geolocation data with

Invited Talk 5: Ayhan Inceoglu and Luke Mc Govern - “Siemens Power
Generation – Big Data Analysis Old World vs. New World“

Invited Talk 6: Maarten Lambrechts - “Xenographics: Why we should all be
William Playfairs”

Invited Talk 7: Kristi Potter - “Uncertainty Visualization: From Metrics to

Invited Talk 8: Lisa Charlotte Rost - “Data Vis Tools, Revisited“

Invited Talk 9: Jan Willem Tulp - “What I Learned Creating a 3D
Visualization with 60K+ Datapoints in the Browser”

VISAP’18 - IEEE VIS 2018 Arts Program

Date: 23 – 26 October 2018

Program: http://visap.net/program


Panel Announcements


Succeeding by Failing: The Iceberg in VIS Careers

Date: Oct 23: 2:20-4:00pm and Follow Up Meetup: Oct 23: 4:20-6:00pm

Facing UPs and DOWNs in research and life? Voice your views and questions
anonymously on our webpage, and attend our IEEE VIS Panel and Follow-up
Meetup on Oct 23 in Berlin!  ’Succeeding by Failing: The Iceberg in VIS
Careers'  http://www.luanamicallef.com/succeedingbyfailing
<http://www.luanamicallef.com/succeedingbyfailing> #visupdown


Community Event Announcements


This year we have the following (new and returning) community-building
activities that we'd like to invite you to participate in:

Flyer posting for positions:

If you have positions available, and cannot attend VIS, send your flyers to
community at ieeevis.org as a PDF (at least a week prior to VIS).

Asynchronous Job Fair (AJF):

A way to help connect job seekers and employers over the course of VIS. If
you are job hunting upload your CV in the registration form at least a week
prior to VIS and grab an “I’m job hunting!” ribbon at the conference
registration. If you are hiring grab an “I’m hiring!" ribbon at the
conference and add your fliers on the corkboard.

=> This year we are also organizing a Job Fair meetup, to bring together
job seekers and employers in one venue to trade CV and employment


Like last year, we will match together new and returning VIS attendees with
similar interests. Register using the registration form (at least a week
prior to VIS).

=> We'll be holding again a Newcomers meetup to help new attendees navigate

Good Food Meets Good Science:

Tired of bad food? Didn’t have something local when attending the
conference and regretted it? Want the good scientific discussions to
continue around a local specialty of the area? This meetup is designed to
take participants to a restaurant serving good food that is a local
specialty of the area. We aim for an accessible price so that anyone can
attend. People can sign up (see below) on a first come first served basis.
The audience should bring an interesting scientific topic to discuss at
dinner. An appetite for local cuisine is also highly recommended.

Registration required:


Data Stories Meetup:

Are you a fan of the Data Stories Podcast or are you interested in learning
more about it?

With information+ and IEEE VIS in town, we did not want to miss this
opportunity to meet up with our listeners! It will be a casual event with
lots of opportunities to chat and discuss about the podcast, data
analytics, information visualization, design, …

Registration required:

Don't forget to grab a "years in attendance" sticker and badge bling at the
registration area!

Thank you for helping us build the VIS community:



Conference and Hotel Registration


Conference registration and Hotel registration is open!

You may register to IEEE VIS 2018 now via the conference homepage




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