[Infovis] [VPG] Annual IEEE VGTC VPG Reception at IEEE VIS

Dr. L. Miguel Encarnacao lme at computer.org
Thu Sep 20 21:45:06 CEST 2018

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The IEEE Visualization Pioneers Group (VPG) will like in past years host
its member-exclusive reception on Monday evening of the IEEE VIS conference
week, on *October 22, 2018.*
To become a member of the VPG, one simply needs to have at least *20 years
of contributions to some aspect of visualization and visual analytics*.

If that applies to you and you plan to attend the next VPG reception at
VIS, we encourage you to join VPG or renew your membership as soon as
possible, so that we can have a more accurate head count for the reception.

For more information on how to join VPG and to attend the VPG reception,
please see http://vacommunity.org/ieeevpg/reception/

On behalf of the VPG operating committee,

Dr. L. Miguel Encarnação
Innovation Management Executive & Consultant
Professor of Practice, Tippie College of Business
Prof. (Adj.) of Computer Science, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The University of Iowa
*"The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers. (Richard Hamming)"*
LME at computer.org <lme at computer.org>

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