[Infovis] BioVis 2019: Call for Talks, Highlights and Posters

Fritz Lekschas lekschas at g.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 8 03:41:39 CEST 2019

BioVis 2019: Call for Talks, Highlights and Posters

The BioVis Community Of Special Interest <http://biovis.net/> group organizes the interdisciplinary event BioVis, which this year takes place as a one-day track at ISMB/ECCB 2019 on July 22nd 2019. The program includes keynotes from leading visualisation researchers in computer science and industry experts, and selected talks from abstracts submitted by participants.

Aims and focus. BioVis covers all aspects of computational data visualisation in biology. Its aims are to educate and inspire computer scientists, bioinformaticians and biologists to more effectively engage, and work together to solve critical problems in biological data visualisation. New experimental data generation and analysis methods create enormous challenges for existing visualization techniques, and new approaches are needed that enable researchers to gain insight from their large and highly complex data sets. 

Talks and Poster submissions. We are accepting long abstracts (1500 words) for talks describing new work, and short abstracts (200 words) highlighting work recently published. We also invite abstracts for posters describing work in progress and preliminary results and these will also be considered for oral presentation during the meeting.

Submissions are made via the 2019 ISMB/ECCB Abstracts Submission system <http://email.iscb.org/c/eJwdTksSgyAUOw0smQcolgULW8d7wONZaetnQBe9fbGZbJJJMonu1oZgeXIKpIUGlDRaghFS9EYN97HVdgCAh9WsgVQwiC0_-exAda2pVbSIJLW01CJQxRRNF23gHzcfx16Y7pkaK8mXL84-5WugatzWiTKtSOUK6L_B9JDKEggxXH98KEf2ePDsXmnZ6wPclj2kTcRzjUTCozjfP1koPFA> by selecting the ‘BioVis COSI’ as the track relevant to your submission. Formatting guidelines and submission rules are detailed at the BioVis Website <http://email.iscb.org/c/eJwVjdsKwyAQRL8mPsq6RhsffGgb8hsl3pptawwx6ffXwsAwB4YT7KCcM4wsgjDQAwotBWgu-FXjeJuUNCMA3I3seqDqHS_7ky3WgNSQdFJe4eyD8CgSmDRgTCjQXdjHLsexdfLa4dTiqHyp8jUebfxdrerpMtVKZX1Qza4RttsX5a2pfMlb-_BwriFGPnt-vn_VVzLc>. 

Key Dates/Deadlines:
Long abstracts and highlight talks deadline: April 11, 2019
Posters submissions deadline: May 6, 2019
Long abstracts/highlights acceptance notification: May 9, 2019
Posters acceptance notifications: May 23, 2019
Early Registration Ends: June 20, 2019
Meeting Program: July 22, 2019

Best regards,
The BioVIs organizing committee

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