[Infovis] Hiring: Data Visualization Scientist

Alan Keahey alan.keahey at icloud.com
Thu May 2 16:08:18 CEST 2019

We are hiring!  Come join our Data Science Visualization team as we explore petabytes of data and billions of daily transactions in the digital economy.  We have a deep and varied set of visualization challenges to work on and a strong mandate for innovation while delivering results to both client and technical stakeholders.  You will not be bored!

https://jobs.conversantmedia.com/jobs/analytics/l5-chicago-il-cnvr/data-visualization-scientist/0101154?lang=en_us#/ <https://jobs.conversantmedia.com/jobs/analytics/l5-chicago-il-cnvr/data-visualization-scientist/0101154?lang=en_us#/>


As a Data Visualization Scientist in our Decision Sciences Visualization team, you will create innovative visualization systems that demonstrate the business value of Conversant’s digital marketing platform directly to our customers and stakeholders.  
Our visualization challenges span hundreds of millions of highly detailed individual profiles across hundreds of millions of web sites and apps tied together by sophisticated real-time analytics that make near instantaneous decisions on messaging to those profiles trillions of times a day.  This provides an incredibly rich environment of business questions and answers that are hidden within petabytes of data.  
You will be a key team member creating effective visualization tools that use the data to reveal, explore and explain complex enterprise-critical information in an engaging, intuitive and informative manner.  This is a multi-faceted effort involving an array of visualization tools such as D3.js, WebGL, Three.js, Tableau and more.  We are looking for strong candidates with extensive experience in visualization programming and algorithms who can push the boundary beyond conventional charting.
Our team works closely with business and analytics units across the company and produces a range of products including line of business dashboards, client facing visualizations and advanced technical analytics systems.  As a member of this team you will have an opportunity to have a broad impact on the company, as well as to dive deep into technical areas.
	• Research and prototype innovative visualizations that demonstrate the value of our platform and that help our clients to understand complex digital marketing ecosystems.
	• Implement production versions of the visualizations using your programming skills in Javascript, D3, WebGL and other libraries and frameworks.
	• Meet with internal business units and stakeholders to understand their requirements and propose visualization and interaction systems that meet those.
	• Work closely with the Analytics and Decision Sciences teams to understand intricacies of the analytics models in such a way that we can demonstrate the benefits of our analytics to our customers.
	• Be a supportive and positive contributor in a highly collaborative team with shared and overlapping responsibilities.
	• A PhD degree plus relevant experience in Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics, Engineering, Mathematics or a related scientific discipline.
	• Extensive experience programming visualizations with one or more of: D3.js, WebGL, Three.js.
	• Extensive experience programming in Javascript/ES to create interactive web-based systems.
	• Experience with front end frameworks such as Angular or React. 
	• Experience manipulating large datasets in tabular, JSON and other formats to make suitable for use in interactive visualizations.
	• Desire to work in a highly collaborative environment.
	• Experience with creating interactive systems with multi-tier/SPA architectures.
	• Experience with large scale distributed computing, such as Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Scala or related technologies.
	• Experience with SQL or other databases (NoSQL)
	• UX design skills: rapid iteration from interview to concept to prototype to product.
	• Foundational graphic design knowledge: you know how to use layout, color and typography to make things look beautiful.

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