[Infovis] [Jobs] Visual analytics jobs in network embedding at Data Science Institute, UHasselt, Belgium

Jan AERTS jan.aerts at uhasselt.be
Thu Oct 24 18:19:59 CEST 2019

Hi all,

We have four positions available at the new Data Science Institute at
UHasselt in Belgium (www.uhasselt.be). Each is concerned with data
visualisation and analysis, and will build upon earlier work in
network-based dimensionality reduction and clustering (http://bit.ly/STAD-VA)
in a VA setting, within the domains of bibliometrics and text analysis, and
life sciences (multiple sclerosis and cancer).

Challenges include:
[1] definition of distance metrics between entities
[2] network comparisons
[3] scalability of network algorithms
[4] network exploration

The open positions:
- Investigation of interdisciplinarity of groups of researchers: text
analysis of literature to calculate similarity between researchers ->
research associate (MSc level) and postdoctoral researcher
- Degree-of-interest development and visualization in networks -> doctoral
- Network-based patient stratification in multiple sclerosis and cancer ->
doctoral student

If you're interested, please contact jan.aerts at uhasselt.be for more

Kind regards,
Jan Aerts
Hoogleraar - Professor
Directeur ad interim Data Science Instituut - Director ad interim Data
Science Institute
Lid IOF raad UHasselt - Member IOF Council UHasselt

T +32(0)11 26 81 97

Universiteit Hasselt - Campus Hasselt
Agoralaan Gebouw D - B-3590 Diepenbeek
Kantoor E126

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