Accepted Contest Entries

All contest results, including videos, are available in the Infovis 2004 Contest Repository

First Place (3 winners)

Major Information Visualization Authors, Papers and Topics in the ACM Library
Weimao Ke, Katy Borner and Lalitha Viswanath, Indiana University

IN-SPIRE InfoVis 2004 Contest Entry
Pak Chung Wong, Beth Hetzler, Christian Posse, Mark Whiting, Sue Havre, Nick Cramer, Anuj Shah, Mudita Singhal, Alan Turner, Jim Thomas, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Understanding Eight Years of InfoVis Conferences using PaperLens
Bongshin Lee, University of Maryland, Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft Research, George Robertson, Microsoft Research, Benjamin B. Bederson, University of Maryland

Student First Place (1 winner)

WilmaScope Graph Visualisation
Adel Ahmed, Tim Dwyer, Colin Murray, Le Song Ying, Xin Wu, University of Sydney, Australia

Second Place (8 winners)

Case Study : Visualizing Visualization
Frank van Ham, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Exploring and Visualizing the History of InfoVis
Daniel A. Keim, Christian Panse, Mike Sips, Joern Schneidewind, Helmut Barro, University of Konstanz

Jaroslav Tyman, Grant P. Gruetzmacher, John Stasko, Georgia Institute of Technology

An Associative Information Visualizer
Xia Lin, Jan Buzydlowski, Howard D. White, Drexel University,

MonkEllipse: Visualizing the History of Information Visualization
Tzu-Wei Hsu, Lee Inman Farabaugh, Dave McColgin, Kevin Stamper, Georgia Institute of Technology

Exploring InfoVis Publication History with Tulip
Maylis Delest, Universite de Bordeaux I, Tamara Munzner, University of British Columbia, David Auber and Jean-Philippe Domenger, LaBRI, Universite de Bordeaux I

Information Visualization Research: A Citation and Co-Citation Perspective
Chaomei Chen, Drexel University

One For All
Soon Tee Teoh and Kwan-Liu Ma, University of California, Davis