[Infovis] PhD position in Visual Analytics at the University of Montpellier, France

Arnaud Sallaberry arnaud.sallaberry at lirmm.fr
Thu Mar 19 09:38:58 CET 2015


Applications are invited for a funded PhD studentship in Visual 
Analytics in the department of Computer Science at the University of 
Montpellier, France. 

LIRMM Lab (http://www.lirmm.fr/lirmm_eng), Montpellier, France

* Jerome Aze, Professor at LIRMM, University of Montpellier.
* Arnaud Sallaberry, Assistant Professor at LIRMM, University Paul 
Valery Montpellier.

Recent technologies such as Kinect, Wiiboard, Tablet, Joypad, eye 
tracking devices, etc., enable to record patient's behavior. For 
medicine, analyzing this behavior is a key to establish efficient 
diagnostics and better design recovery good practices. To perform a 
strong diagnostic, data generated by recording devices (body movements, 
eye movements, etc.) has to be analyzed taking account of the patient 
background (health problem, personal information, etc.). In this 
context, therapists are confronted to large amount of heterogeneous data 
and their analyses require automatic methods. The difficulty lies not in 
generating but rather in sifting through this mass raw of data in order 
to discover patterns. This thesis focuses on designing data mining and 
information visualization techniques to create interfaces helping 
healthcare professionals to understand the data.

A number of issues associated with the design of such interfaces will be 
examined in the context of this thesis in order to provide therapists 
with the tools necessary to perform their analyses. It is of utmost 
importance that these interfaces be as simple and intuitive as possible, 
as a misinterpretation of the data due to imperfect interface design 
could hamper the rehabilitation process. It is for this reason that an 
in-depth study of knowledge discovery methods must be undertaken by 
experts in data mining, information visualization and human-computer 
interaction, in close collaboration with therapists.

How to apply:
Interested candidates are requested to send an application by e-mail to 
Dr. Arnaud Sallaberry, (arnaud.sallaberry at lirmm.fr) and Pr. Jerome Aze 
(jerome.aze at lirmm.fr) with the subject field: '[PhD position] Visual 
Analytics'. The application should consist of a motivation letter, a 
curriculum vitae including major achievements, and two or more 
recommendation letters.

Application deadline:
May 1st, 2015

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Arnaud Sallaberry, 
(arnaud.sallaberry at lirmm.fr) and Pr. Jerome Aze (jerome.aze at lirmm.fr).

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